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Part of our Maui Series, our Sugar Plantation shirt pays tribute to the history of the industry that once was the largest economic contributor to Maui and the entire the state of Hawaii.

Immigrants from around the world were recruited to work on the plantations, hailing from places as far away as China, Japan, Puerto Rico, Korea, the Philippines, Portugal, Russia, Germany, and Scandinavia. These immigrants became the foundation of Hawaii’s multi-ethnic society.

Founded in 1860, Pioneer Mill had 600 acres in cultivation and eventually acquired other nearby plantations such a Olowalu Sugar Company. In 1876 Pioneer Mill won an award at the Philadelphia World’s Fair for its fine quality sugar. The first well on Maui was drilled for Pioneer mill in 1883. By 1910 the plantation had over 8000 acres in cultivation. 

The mill was closed in 1999, but for over 139 years this mill was the mainstay of West Maui’s economy. 

At its peak in 1935, the plantation cultivated 10,000 acres and processed 60,000 tons of sugar. Flumes transported the stalks from the field to a railway, which ran to the mill. The well known Sugar Cane Train in Lahaina is all that is left of the estimated 200 miles of railroads connecting cane fields and mills throughout the island.

The Puunene Sugar Mill was built in 1901 and at the time was the largest sugar mill in the state. Puunene was the world’s first fully computerized sugar mill with the capacity to process 7500 tons of sugarcane per day which resulted in 1000 tons of raw sugar.

The last and largest sugar plantation in the state of Hawaii, The Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Company, closed in December 2016. 

Today in place of the Puunene Sugar Mill stands the Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum, which celebrates and preserves the history and heritage of the sugar industry and the multiethnic plantation life.

All of our shirts are 100% Polyester, Moisture Wicking, Odor Resistant, and UPF44+ (Sun Protection)

Our original designs are created here on Maui, pressed on the back, with our Shaka Apparel logo embroidered on the front.

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